Jeffrey Powell is an accomplished songwriting storyteller in the line of Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson and Mike Reid.

Jeff Powell began his musical journey as a young boy in Indiana listening to his grandfather play the fiddle while his mother sang. To quote Jeffrey, “Music wasn’t something that we played; it’s who we were as a family”. His family’s passion for music led him to experiment and become proficient with several different musical instruments including the guitar and piano but by far his favorite instrument is one he was born with, his voice. Once he realized that he had an ability to sing as well as play, he shared his gift anytime he was given the chance as his passion for music kept growing.

Upon entering college Jeffrey joined the prestigious Purdue Varsity Glee Club performing before tens-of-thousands of people. During his time at Purdue University he was bitten by the writing bug that has led him to a lifetime of sharing his experiences through song.

Jeffrey has continued his love for writing, recording and performing for audiences throughout the Midwest, both live and in the media. Appearing on The Charlie Daniels Show on the TNN television network Charlie Daniels said of Jeffrey, “Wow, what a great and powerful voice”. Jeffrey was also a finalist in the Indiana Music Awards songwriting competition.

Jeffrey is currently in the studio working with Michael Kelsey, one of the country’s most dynamic entertainers, completing a collection of songs written throughout his career.